With Rockgas Wanaka ManageMyGas, we take away your worry of running out of gas any time of the day or night.

If you sign to Rockgas Wanaka’s ManageMyGas Service here is what we can offer you.

  • We look after your supply so your stay toasty warm, have unlimited hot water and can cook any time of the day.
  • We will put you on a standing check that is tailored to your house’s needs. This could be just the 45kg cylinders or could include 9kg Bottle swaps also ensure the BBQ never runs out.
  • We will schedule deliveries around this and replace cylinders as necessary.
  • We will credit any unused gas left in returned cylinders. To ensure you always have gas. Once delivery is complete an automated email will be sent to nominated email address advising status of cylinders.

The cost of ‘Manage My Gas – RockGas Wanaka’ will be $20 per month per property (gas not included in this cost).

For further information or any queries please get in touch:

03 443 5657